Why GivingWise?

img1At GivingWise, we understand the financial needs and concerns of today’s nonprofit organizations and churches and have developed a unique online and mobile fundraising platform that will allow you to increase donations while at the same time reducing workload and stress.

You get:start-img

  • State-of-the-art platform that simplifies online donations
  • 5 donation methods – including by text
  • Donor management & accurate financial tracking & reporting
  • Safe, secure transaction processing & fraud prevention tools
  • Mobile optimized donation pages for mobile giving
  • Plus… Unlimited donor accounts, event forms, and gift designations

… And best of all, you get all of this with No Contract and No Setup or Hidden Fees.

That’s right, there’s no contract locking you into our service for a specified length of time and our donation platform costs exactly $0 per month! And it’s FREE to get started — no credit card required. That means no agonizing over whether to make a long-term commitment and no standing helplessly by while a large portion of your donations goes toward “administrative costs.”

Our goal is simple, to help you succeed. After all, your success truly is our success. To help ensure your success, we offer the superior support serviceand tools you need to increase donations as well as our dedication to putting you first in every aspect of our business. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


No Hidden Fees

$0 setup and $0 monthly fees – sign up now and you can take advantage of all the features listed below.  We will set up your custom donations portal along with the creation of a customized mobile responsive donation page to match your existing branding. The GivingWise Donation Platform is FREE to use and includes all of the following:

Take a look at everything that’s included in your GivingWise account.

  • Online donations form
  • Pledge management
  • Event registration forms
  • Donor management and tracking
  • Automatic recurring donations
  • Branded donation pages
  • Mobile donation forms
  • Credit & debit card acceptance
  • Accept ACH & E-checks
  • And much more…


With GivingWise you pay:

  • No batch fees
  • No statement fees
  • No customer service fees
  • No account setup fees
  • No debit-only fees
  • No virtual terminal fees!

Our payment processor has a $10 monthly minimum. Click here for more info. To ensure your account safety, our processor also charges a minimal flat $10/month Security/Regulatory fee.

Curious about our payment processing rates? Check out our pricing chart below.

Giving Should be Easy!

img2Donors love options! Why limit your donations by offering only one or two ways to donate to your organization? With GivingWise, donation methods include:

  • Online donations for your website
  • Mobile giving pages for your mobile web visitors
  • Mobile app giving optimized for native apps
  • Facebook donations page integration
  • SMS donations made easy with Text2Give*
  • In person donations via Kiosks*
  • Create your own donations store with our Online Store module*

In addition, donors don’t have to have an account to donate. This makes first time giving frictionless. When donors do set up an account, they are then able to easily track billing details and manage their ongoing, recurring gifts with a few simple mouse clicks.

For added convenience, we also offer customized payment kiosks that are easy to use and integrate directly with your donor management platform.

*Optional add-on services.  See pricing section below for more details


Donors don’t want to be directed to a third party site to donate! They want to remain in touch with your organization – this makes them feel more comfortable and donors who are comfortable tend to give more and give more often.

That’s why we offer you branded donor pages. Now your donors can remain in contact with your organization throughout the giving process and they will have no doubts or concerns about where their money is going.

Mobile Optimized Donations

Want to attract more donors and turn more one-time donors into recurring donors? Then you need to start tapping into the mobile craze.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s population has access to mobile networks? Or that more than two-thirds of people with cell-phones use those phones to access the Internet!

Well, both of these statements are true – but more than just being true these statements are also more of the growing evidence that if you want to reach your best donor prospects or retain existing donors … your donations page needs to be mobile optimized.

In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that in today’s technologically-advanced marketplace where practically everyone has a mobile phone, if you are not mobile optimized you are most definitely losing donations!

Easy Recurring Donations

One of the main reasons people don’t give? They simply forget. If your organization does not offer a recurring giving program for your donors then you are leaving donations on the table. A certain percentage of your donors WILL give monthly to your cause — and they WANT to. All you need to do is ask!

Our easy recurring donation system allows donors to quickly set up recurring donations using whatever payment method is most convenient for them. With your GivingWise account, you’ll get the recurring giving module for FREE.

Instituting a recurring giving program could be one of the best things your organization can do for your bottom line. Could your organization benefit from stable year-round giving? If so, then recurring giving can help!

Gain Peace of Mind!

img6While Internet security and fraud have been in the news a lot lately, you won’t need to worry about either thanks to the stringent guidelines we have established at GivingWise. For example:

  • We use the latest military-grade encryption on all data. We’ve also designed our own security  protocols to ensure that we never store donor credit card details.
  • We use security card codes, address verification, and similar fraud prevention measures to ensure  that your organization and its donor base are always protected.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Taking donations is one thing, properly tracking all that activity is another. GivingWise provides the tools you need to gain immediate and real-time access to your organization’s donation activity. You’ll have access to an array of detailed information, statistics, charts and more.

We’ve also made it extremely easy to export the data to the most popular software programs.


img8The benefits of using GivingWise are numerous and include:

  • Easy-to-use platform results in more donations and less work for you!
  • No Contract – means you are not locked into anything long term!
  • No Hidden Fees & No Setup Fees – our simple payment processing rates eliminate confusion and make the whole process less expensive than you would dare hope possible!
  • Makes registration for fundraising events easier than ever before with our forms module!
  • Gather important data you can use to better target future fundraising efforts!
  • Branded donor pages make donors more comfortable and result in more money for your organization!
  • PCI DSS Compliant environment and SSL Security ensure the safety of all donations!
  • Mobile optimization boosts spur of the moment donations – mobile trends show that in 2015 over 50% of your website visitors will be on their phones!
  • And much more!